About Us

Born out of necessity, in these trying times the Covid-19 Virus has shocked the world! It has especially affected my People. I am half Tohono O’odham and half Oglala Lakota. My Son is half Navajo and my Daughter is also Tohono O’odham and part Navajo. I also have 2 Brothers and some Nieces and Nephews and lots of Cousins that live on the Navajo Nation also. To date my group of mask makers have donated over 1000 masks to both the Tohono O’odham and Navajo Nation. When you buy a mask from us please know that we give back to our People while at the same time allowing them to display the pride they have in their Culture. Anybody can buy our masks and show support for Native Americans please take a look at our selection of beautiful designed masks designed by sum great Native American Artist representing their tribes to the fullest!